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As you can see, we’ve revamped the website completely.
Everything is reformatted, linkified and graphicked to the max.

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NerveJam – MachineMusic: AVAILABLE NOW on iTUNES!

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MachineBeat is unbelievably excited and proud to announce that NerveJam’s album MachineMusic is AVAILABLE NOW on iTUNES!!!!!!
The price has been set by iTunes at £7.99 for the album, or £0.79 for individual tracks.
The seem to have re-ordered the tracks, but hey! We are in business!

MachineMusic - NerveJam

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MachineBeat News


MachineBeat is now approved to sell digital downloads via Juno Records.
Watch this space for information on available material.

MachineBeat.Com has now been revamped, and includes artist pages for NerveJam and SynTronik.
MachineBeat now has a Soundcloud Page, which currently contains a couple of Syntronik tracks.

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Is happening..
Watch this space.

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