MachineBeat – New NerveJam Releases!

We have updated and remastered all 3 NerveJam albums, MachineMusic,Evolution and Phase3, and released them via Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

Check them out!

The new versions have been edited to sort out the intros and outros, and completely remastered using technology that didn’t exist when the albums were originally created!

Watch out for a new EP from NerveJam called “Isolation”. It’s currently in development, and early versions can be found on SoundCloud.

There are also a couple of cover versions in the pipeline. We’ll let you know what’s happening with those.

Stay tuned!

New Release | The Light Dreams – Future Worlds | 18.3.2013

We are releasing the latest album by The Light Dreams – Future Worlds on 18.3.2013.

The Light Dreams - Future Worlds

There is a PDF booklet associated with this release : Future_Worlds_promo_booklet which explains the album’s influences and the artist’s association with the “Institute for Interstellar Studies”..

The album is being released digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc, and will (eventually) appear on spotify.