NerveJam – Phase3 – available NOW on iTunes and Amazon UK

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mb003 – NerveJam – Phase3 is now available on iTunes and Amazon

Phase3 - NerveJam

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New Releases: NerveJam (x2)


NerveJam : “Evolution” album is scheduled for release via AWAL to iTunes et al next Friday (18.5.2012)
NerveJam : Phase3 is currently pending approval for a release date of 1.6.2012.

So that’s all NerveJam’s back catalog released or pending. We’ll send out reminders via NerveJam’s Fanbridge account (which feeds into Twitter and Facebook), nearer the time.

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New Releases


MachineMusic was released via Juno, last week.
Evolution is released TODAY via Juno.

Phase3 is scheduled for release NEXT WEEK, via Juno..

MachineMusic is scheduled for release on iTunes etc (via, this FRIDAY.
Evolution will be released NEXT FRIDAY on iTunes etc (via
Phase3 will be released THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY on iTunes etc (via

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